Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Don’t Like You Anymore

I wrote this way back in the day when I was a sophomore in High School. Stumbling across your website, I figured it would be fun to give it a go at "getting it published". (If you must know, I wrote it as a "break-up poem"; yes, I took myself that seriously!)

I Don’t Like You Anymore:

I had a dream yesterday.
Well, I mean, last night…
But you understand okay?
It happened just after our fight.
The one where you were wrong,
And I was right.

I was dreaming that you were dying.
And, no, I wasn’t crying.
I had pushed you into this giant blender.
You got all messed up, like in that fender-bender. (Remember?)

Then your relatives came over to celebrate…
I felt close to them for the first time ever – fate?

I can now go on with my life.
Over with all this strife.
…But I’m still talking to you.
Even though you’ve been turned into something… for the dogs to chew.

By: Anon.

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theschmoo said...

this is the most angsty poem on this website.