Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fuck Off and Die at the Toronto Fringe

July 4-15

Finally Sara's got her Teen Angst Poetry Solo Show together and she's doing it in Toronto. Well, probably a preview in Calgary first (Cowtown is the birth place of her teen angst).

Yes, after years of demands (yes, there've been a few) audiences will hear an hour full of Sara's bad teen angst poetry that's become so... classic. You'll hear all the hits in this spectaculanza- from James (Sara's first boyfriend), to the Flava (the suburban gang that called Sara 'Dirty Girl'), and all the pointless ramblings of early teen angst, even an ode or two to Kurt Cobain (who would have been 40 by now had he not 'killed himself').

Part stand-up comedy, part performance poetry, part theatre- all Sara Bynoe!

You'll leave this show wishing you never threw out/ burned your old journals and singing the tune of "Fuck off and die."

Toronto get ready!