Thursday, May 17, 2007


A Brief History of Teen Angst

* 1990- 1996 Sara Bynoe writes over 500 bad poems and fills countless journals of teen angst
*May 2000- Sara discovers a binder full of ex boyfriend bad poetry, makes fun of it and has the idea to share her own bad poetry in front of others
*November 2000 – is launched and the first Teen Angst reading occurs at the Newt in Calgary (a small bar in Kensington).
*The Calgary Straight, June 27, 2002 First news media coverage of Teen Angst Nights
*CBC Radio, Calgary, July 2, 2002 First radio coverage
* FFWD, August, 2003
* Vancouver Sun, April 12, 2003,
*Richardson's Roundup, CBC Radio, April 22, 2003 First national coverage
*Aug 2003, Globe and Mail article
*December 2003, Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry is sold to St. Martin’s Press
* December 2004, Sara Bynoe graduates from Studio 58
*April 2005, Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry hits bookstores
*April 9, 2005, KGB Bar Book Launch in New York
*April 14, 2005, Canadian Book launch in Toronto
* May 2,3,5, 2005, The Hour, CBC Newsworld, A series of short video poems air (see YouTube)
* July 9, 2005, West Coast Poetry Festival, Vancouver
* September 25, 2005, Word on the Street, Vancouver,
*Vancouver Poetry Slam, Featured “Poet”, May 29, 2006
*January 21, 2006 BAD GRAD premiers (and sells out!) at the High Performance Rodeo
*June 2007Fuck off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry premiers in Calgary
*July 2007 Fuck off and Die at the Toronto Fringe
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Review Highlights:

"It's high time the rhyme-crazy juveniles of the world are celebrated as the poetic prodigies we truly were."
-Nylon Magazine
"Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry probably contains some of the very worst poetry in print today."
-FFWD, Calgary
"It's bad. But in a good way of course."
-The WestEnder, Vancouver
"A highlight [of the Teen Angst Poetry Night] was the felt board presentation by Sara. The former library worker read an old high school poem based on the Night Before Christmas that told about the gang in her neighborhood, The Flava. Even if you couldn't see the felt board cutouts of trucks with "the Flava" symbol on them, it was bloody hilarious"
- ION magazine
Cleveland Plain Dealer Top 20 Summer Must Reads
New York Library Association's nominated book for Books of Summer, 2005

Similar shows known across North America

Date unknown, 2002, Get Mortified premiers in Los Angeles
April 7, 2005, Cringe premiers in Brooklyn, NY
November 2006, Salon of Shame premiers in Seattle
February 2007, Adults Reading Stuff They Wrote As Kids premiers in Toronto

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