Friday, March 27, 2009

Mulitple Angst Poetry

My name is Lisa Cashley, I wrote all three of these poems over a short period of time in which i broke up with a violent boyfriend and then had to abort the baby we had concieved together. I found it helpful to write a poem about the loss and then I don't know really I suppose it just became an addictive way to let it all out. I think either "life sucks and i want to die", "I am alone and no-one understands my pain" or "more than like poems"


I’ll dry my tears
I don’t need your arms
I don’t need your hold
I can do this alone
You weren’t there,
You don’t know how it feels
You don’t want to be here
You should go…leave.

My heart was broken
My eyes did cry
Not for you
For it.
For the loss
For the pain
For the life
For the name
For Baby.

So young

These bruises bare no image of you,
My mind passing over that night
What night
Those nights
Over and over
Again and again
No stopping
Until I fell to limp to fight back
Scarred, scared, helpless.

A baby,
So young, me.
So alone,
Not even you
Dad…I don’t know how,
But yes. A call
A cry for help, you’re not there.
A want, a need, a hunger,
A joy
A life
A child
Taken away
Just like that.
No care, no love, no memory

Not you, not it
Just me
Alone again
This time for ever

A never ending prayer

1, 2, 3
I won’t stop counting,
The weeks
The months
The years

Always on my mind
In peace
In bliss
In happiness
You’ll be

A never ending prayer
Of sadness
Of joy
Of pain
How suddenly you left me

It’s ok, don’t cry,
I’m here
I’m sorry
You’ll always be in my heart.
I’m sad
You’re gone
I’m happy
You’re mine
You’re Baby
I’m Mum

I love you.

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