Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fuck You Poem

You said you'd love me
But you won't
You think I'll stand for it
Well, I won't
So, fuck you, you piece of poo
Like a piece of crap I can't get off my shoe
I'll laugh as you gasp and sputter
Trying to take a breath
I'll throw your body into the gutter
After your painful death
As your body falls, I will rise
Tears of joy shall stream from my eyes
As your body is slowly being eaten by flies
But no one will go to your funeral
Because you SUCKED as I recall

- Written by Devan Daly, 1985


In silence the air trembled, every movement caused the table to shutter. Millimeter by huge millimeter I shook towards the edge, this is not direction I would choose to go, if I were actually alive. I am an empty glass, alone, unable to help myself. If I were to fall the pain would last just seconds, for I would be the only one grieving. Then I clattered off the table. The glass spilled into fragments like tiny blades scattering across the floor. The event lasted seconds, but the following trials would last much longer. For if there was not a foolish infant crawling along the floor unable to reason, then a boy would not have to chase after it... but the boy did, and in that same moment glass flipped into his eye. Screaming in agony, the boy fell unto to the floor, his body only met more shards. Sharpened glass hit arteries, a red pool swirled around him. The paler he got the more crimson stained, his body sliced into pieces bled. After mush flailing the glass blades completely disfigured him. He died. Two things gone. The baby startled, as was the mother and the process started over. Please don't leave us on edge, we'll get revenge.

by: Eimile McIlnay 1983

I Don’t Like You Anymore

I wrote this way back in the day when I was a sophomore in High School. Stumbling across your website, I figured it would be fun to give it a go at "getting it published". (If you must know, I wrote it as a "break-up poem"; yes, I took myself that seriously!)

I Don’t Like You Anymore:

I had a dream yesterday.
Well, I mean, last night…
But you understand okay?
It happened just after our fight.
The one where you were wrong,
And I was right.

I was dreaming that you were dying.
And, no, I wasn’t crying.
I had pushed you into this giant blender.
You got all messed up, like in that fender-bender. (Remember?)

Then your relatives came over to celebrate…
I felt close to them for the first time ever – fate?

I can now go on with my life.
Over with all this strife.
…But I’m still talking to you.
Even though you’ve been turned into something… for the dogs to chew.

By: Anon.


I can't escape from this place,
All I see is your face,
You left me in the rain,
Alone and insane.

My insides writhe like a tempestuous sea,
I am drowning in what was once you and me.
How can this reality be?

I can't look at myself,
I store my tear drops on a shelf.
They've gathered dust,
And my heart has begun to rust.

Leave me to be,
On the tempestuous sea.
Because you will never see,
We were meant to be.

By: Shannon

The Saddest Story

I know of a story
that would take all smiles away

I Could Tell The Saddest Story
and just break hearts with what i have to say

I Have The Saddest Story
of the man whose love wouldn't stay

I Could Tell Our Story
That ended last may

This is the saddest story
That no man would trade

The Saddest Story,
look at what we have made.

written by Dakota Dunn age 18