Sunday, September 20, 2009



TEEN ANGST is going to be a part of the 2009 Vancouver Comedy Festival.

Thursday September 24 7pm at the Westin Grand - and it's FREE!

Check it out:


Just to hold you close to me
Just to hear you talk
Just to take a walk with you
Would be enough
To make me see
That I like you enough
To do stuff
That I would never do
Unless it was for you
I'd pick flowers for you
There's no-one else who
I'd do these things for
Never done them before
Feels so strange
Try to rearrange
My feelings for you
Guess it must be true
I (probably) love you........

By: Anil A.
Circa: 1992
Age: 16


If I could tell you how I feel, you could make my dreams come real
Then maybe I could be, the only one you'd see
I try and find the words, explain how much it hurts
But all I do is F*$k up, end up wishing I had shut up
Not looking for a wife, but want more than a bit part in your life
So if you have some time to spare and are looking for someone who cares
Then maybe I could be, the only one you'd see.

By: Anil A.
Circa: 1992
Age: 16

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Untitled Sonnet

Again, I fell for it, the same ole' dating routine.
I saw you, I loved it, until I saw the real thing.
You acted like you were "the stuff" and tried to push me away.
I rejected that attitude and came closer trying to stay.
You turned your back repeatedly, making me feel bad.
You even yelled at me once because I made you mad.
You cut me off in sentence once to shut me up right then.
You squeezed your eyes and walked away, and left me alone again.
 I watched you walk the longest way, again I felt so awful.
 But, I'll never stop thinking of you, or how you are so wonderful.
By Sydney Stewart    

Untitled Poem

When away 
I feel okay 

I get home 
Sink into my regular depression 
Self pity, self loathing 
Self analysis 
What a wimp 

I hate this life 
What comes ahead 
What was 
What is 
We are born to die 

Go to school 
Work for fifty years 
Another ant come and gone 
That's all we are 

If you think you're different 
You're Wrong 
If you choose optimism 

I wish I could 
I try, but my brain 
Won't have it 

Cursed to a life of self pity 
Self loathing, pessimistic 

By Eric Newport

Untitled Poem

Wherever I am 
Whoever I'm with 
Apathy sits in the pit of my soul 

Melodramatic my writings may be 
Expressive of thoughts and feelings they are 

Accurate Depth 
Perception falls short 
Writing with ease 
Flowing with words 
Empty of meaning 
Without direction 

My brain is wrinkled 
With repetitive thoughts 
Of petty introspection 

Feeling worthless

By Eric Newport