Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am the shadow of the woman
you took and threw away
spit upon my face with such ease
like kisses once enjoyed
stained beyond recognition
from dirt released from tongue
burying me in the grave
you made for me in you minds eyes
I am the one that believed your hollow promises
you kept on file
rolodex my heat between tidbits
of self importance
never to be your love one
just one night stand
as you walk in six in the morning
to pick up the boots as you left through door
of my so-called love

I will become your ghost
slipping under door bedroom office nightlife
fleeting image in the corner of your eye
track you from other side of bar
within mental locked doors
haunt you
remind you of those breathless nights
fogging my eyes to your image
for you was my god
then pedestal bastardized
with bitter truths to crack the glass
with hammer of my tongue
licking out revealing your true nature
making you the shadow the secret the shame
to be hidden at the bottom of graves
deep in my mind
realizing you were nothing to see
or worth the blood held in my heart

By: Amanda Hawk

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