Wednesday, August 20, 2008



It started out in 1977, god dropped you a little gift from heaven

Two parents struggling to do the best they can, giving it all to the child they had

Love kept them together through the years, always caring for me and wiping my tears

I miss the closeness we once had, when I think about it- it makes me feel so bad
I used to be able to tell you everything, keeping no secrets and having no shame
Where is the loving father I once knew? I wish I could say my love for you has only grew...

But you make me angry and pissed off, and I want out-

That's why I am leaving here for good with out a doubt

I hope you enjoy your new life here without me, all quiet and stress free
Just remember the choices you made, you brought
me to this, the path has been paved
I'll be out of here by dawn- I hope you'll miss me when I am gone........

*I wrote and left this for my parents before I hitch hiked (via truckers) with 2 girlfriends from Eugene OR to San Francisco CA to live a more glamourous life..."

By: Disree Hewitson

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