Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a Simple Figh

You said God put us together
To make me stronger
And you kinder
But I havent gotten stronger,
And you havent gotten nicer.
I only feel weaker and drained.
Struggling to understand each other,
But only clashing in our point of views.

Our shouting sent the walls flying and the neighbors ears
To the floor
For they never came rapping at the door
Rocking to the rhythm of my tears
Choked breaths marked the time
Your capitalized claws found me
Through our words
And raked across my souls flesh
Scarred and maimed, my soul
Is netted together with a fine mesh
Of ink, words, and paper.

You said I need to grow up
and that you werent going to be around forever
And I thought how could I regain my childhood
And wished you would go away
Your words triggered nothing
No love no compassion, and definitely no motivation

Our fights rocked the neighborhood
Sliding the earth out from under their feet
Sending them on their backs
And me to my knees
Just another peaceful day in the neighborhood
Or so we all pretend

You said that I am a nobody and need to get off my ass
Once in a while
Be a part of something and make an attempt to look nice
For others judged on looks and would make fun of me
I thought you were the only one to point them out
That you were never satisfied
You wanted me to be you

Peace is broken and lying on the floor
The walls cracked and the earth shaken
Me hiding in my room and you lurking downstairs
Blaring the TV and I hiding within my music
The banging juts my attention sending me to the hallway
We retract our scathing words
But the electric tension crackles in the air
The neighbors kept their ears to the floor
For they never came rapping at the door
Peace is broken and lying on the floor

By: Amanda Hawk

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