Thursday, August 21, 2008


To the friend I left behind,
this poem is for you.
You led yourself into a void;
there's nothing I can do.
While you were sinking deeper,
I was bailing out;
you chose the quick and easy path;
I took the other route.
It's not that I'm neglecting you;
I wish that you could see
I'm not rejecting all that you are;
I'm just protecting me.
I hope someday we'll reunite.
You still hold a piece of my heart;
but I've got too much at stake right now.
It's best we stay apart.

(Sadly, I remember every word of this lovely verse from 1985 by heart. I wanted like hell to change it, but I couldn't perpetrate that kind of dishonesty!)

By: Michele Weitz

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Anonymous said...

Sigh, it feels like it was written for me. Good poem though.