Thursday, August 21, 2008

May I Serve You

D*mn hat
F-ing Apron
Standing Behind the Counter trapped..
tick tock
The clock has slowed.
God I want to be free
water bubbles in the well
Gloved hands perched on the Counter..
Tight elastic.clinging to my skin
A customer trickles in
Followed by a herd
False Smile Dullshine eyes
Hello, may I help you
Pest all of you
Yes, can I haveummm
Sold my soul for cheap
What is that?
For a measly buck
Sure I will like
Clinking Plates
I move to serve smiling
Small you are the enemy
You are
Across the Counter
No more.
Joking and jostling
Hey slave, I need
No, you only get
Come on please
Dirty pans to be delivered to the Gods of Dishwater
Water in White Styrofoam cups
High above my head
Juggling Pans..magically transfer the empty with the full
Standing Behind the Counter
I should be on the other side
No need no worry
Sold my soul
F-ing Apron
The hand moved
Almost free
Go rigid in obedience
Pleasant service
Customer is always right
Another customer
Quick service
Barked at by the manager
No horseplay
We scurry like rats
Smug looks with I am glad I am not you shine
I should be on the other side of the Counter
Such a privilege to serve YOU
The clock moves and my shift stops
I pass the spoodle-the torch-, and robotic stance
Removal of the hat and freed of the apron strings
False smile fades into a tired straight line
Dullshine eyes reflect relief and exhaustion
I sold my soul with grim need to pay the bills
Weary shoulders..Numbed feet.Lifeless legs
Clicking off the open sign upon my face
And turning off the automatic recording.
May I serve you in my throat.

By: Amanda Hawk

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