Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Untitled Poem

When away 
I feel okay 

I get home 
Sink into my regular depression 
Self pity, self loathing 
Self analysis 
What a wimp 

I hate this life 
What comes ahead 
What was 
What is 
We are born to die 

Go to school 
Work for fifty years 
Another ant come and gone 
That's all we are 

If you think you're different 
You're Wrong 
If you choose optimism 

I wish I could 
I try, but my brain 
Won't have it 

Cursed to a life of self pity 
Self loathing, pessimistic 

By Eric Newport


Anonymous said...

i love this poem. sums up my life. im with you in that man.

Anonymous said...

This poem was unoriginal and it's fake and gay.

Najea said...

agreed. great poem<3

melanieporras said...

thats cool. heyy would you check out my blog. its http://forevermelaniepoetry.blogspot.com/ plz check it out. i'd thank you lots!! <3

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff. I hope you feel a lot better about ur life, because even though we live to die is better to live than to be dead alive. I like your writing style though and I wish you luck to alleviate the pain if this is how you truly feel.
~ <3

Anonymous said...

I love it, glad im not the only one who feels that way sometimes:) don't worry even though life sucks a lot part of the time, there are the many happy moments that make me glad i didnt give up.