Wednesday, January 9, 2008


drums bongo
from a shady section
of Liberty Park on Sunday
(the hippies had been holding
gatherings there on the beginning
of the week for at least thirty years).
It was the drums -- not the hippies -- they are an added bonus
that drew me to the place.

take me to a scene of
intertwining bodies/hemp/pot
a free-for-all dance
however one may move
women connect kiss on blankets
I watch parents put flowers in their daughter's
We are either energized, spiritualized, or just high
as the punks as me for a smoke
I realize how much I'm skipping
ready to ripple inside
could be quite an illusion
under squinting sun
how much of this is free?

"Other," -- ah, the allure of the bongo. true rebellion.

By: Theadora

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