Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Talk About Sticking My Fingers Down There But There's No Fucking

I looked at my vagina today. Tchaikovsky playing in the background, looking out, IN to this mass of tissue. I've never done that before.
Parents were gone. I put on music that described me, so I put on Tchaikovsky. I looked at my
vagina today. I didn't expect it to be oh so red. Oh, I was in.
I'm not sure if I found my clit or not.
But I remember that I usually hate staring myself down in mirrors -- so much fat, but my pussy...
now that was interesting.
it was quick, but sweet.
Listened to that concerto
while doing my
I had the perfect mirror.
Oh God! Oh!
Wymyn, I looked at my vagina today
I saw myself

"Other???" "More than like???" "White middle class hippie feminist oppression?" -- DEAR LORD! The last thing I would want anyone to say to be after sex is, "now that was interesting." Interesting to note that during this time I was the skinniest I have been in my short life, so I don't know where all the fat I was bitchin' about came from. "Oh God! Oh!" should be, well, I don't know. (2003)

By: Theadora

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