Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Body

My Body
is what I haven't been able
to fit in to
That dress, those jeans.
I'm "too curvy"
for these people.
A part of me wants to
ask him:
am I too fat?
too feminist?
is there too much dyke
in me for a guy like you?
you moved on. i moved locations.
Once you told me your secrets --
never the same.
I want to go home and just burn my mirrors
because the patriarchal society is getting
me down again. It's just the typical female thing.

"white middle class hippie feminist oppression" "i am alone and no one understands my pain" -- 2003 This was written about someone who was supposed to be only a friend and I know at the time I meant it in a completely platonic manner. Needless to say, the poem caused a bit of confusion.

By: Theadora

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