Monday, January 28, 2008


Love, acceptance


Can’t be myself

Want to be the best

Everything my neighbor wants

Considering the consequences before my actions

My actions? Or your desires?

Avoiding negative reactions

Be anyone else that fits the descriptions

Not me, not myself, not for me, not for myself

“Egoist”; the password to my self-hate, the key

How easy it is to mold me

Circle but I fit into triangle, square

Acting, show, denial

Running away from the person I can’t accept: Me

Boy? Girl? Friend, lover, enemy?

Do I want the best of others for myself?

Ignorance, blindness

I’ve built myself to become what? Me? Or a robot ruled by anyone else’s feelings

Anyone who could love me, accept me.

By: Maria

Category: other

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are quite talented
in getting your message
across in this poem.
I love it.
I can relate big time.
Also how I live my live
in regards to my relationships.
Awsome poem, well done.