Monday, January 7, 2008

My Wymyn Life

life is such a new religion
compared to...

and for those of you who didn't know,
Virginia Slims -- such the epitome
of sexist advertising
and "I don't really like talking
about my life much"
cos "they're just titties"

She thinks she's dying, my dear. The
imprint of thirty-five year old
barbed wire. It's stuck. She needs to
talk, but stuck being one of those
under-age people. I
can't shove phone numbers in her face or places to test for STI's.
She's not eating. It's that image.

people making out on the couch above my head
thinking they know all about
love but they're only freshmen.
Not that I know any better.

I can feel her hair brush mine
such a cliche, but when she kisses
me and says something generic
like "iloveyou, you're awesome, let's hang out"

I had girl on my lips, in my ears,
through my hair.

The beautiful gay man
tosses me a dead flower which
I would have smashed between the pages,
but it was too,

By: Theodora

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