Monday, January 7, 2008


she is my strongness
see her portrait
all in blue
heralding change
good sweet things
she lies in
arm tattoos
or wedding tattoos
or engagement rings

she comes to me in the form of
musical madness
tales of incest and partying
him asking me questions about his sexuality
the rustle of pages
the magic of words
Toni Morrison words
battles with cancer
and she died young
left a son
and her grandmother
the only woman who raised her because
her ma was crazy
ripping off the mask in the ER
and saying I love you

one last time

I see her
on my wall
in my piano
in imagined tales of abuse
wearing a boa
the look of a half-dead guy
and a little boy
who's smart
enough to run us all over
and can parrot back statements like
"Free Leonard Peltier"
"Anarchy in the UK"
"You're White Trash"
or at meetings
beating down the corporate flag
smoking pot
in fishnets with a hole in the toe
comes through with long hair
and every healthy book about cunts,
lesbianism, and the Pine Ridge Reservation
I see her
on the stage
in a theater or concert hall
stuff from the deepest part of me
and I quake
out in a trailer in the middle of nowhere
with a guy who's mom is a teacher, so he knows bout my depression, cutting, and suicidal ideation


with goddess candles and scars on her arms
she rises again
my strongness

CATEGORY -- "Other" -- 2003
By: Theodora

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