Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Solstice Prayer

Thirteen candles/phases of the moon/
praise the Goddess
"light one candle"
one by one, we went up
"this is a candle for all the women who have ever been here"
"for the young feminists, picking up the torch"
"for poverty"
"for discrimination"
"for someone to replace Bush in the next election"
i went up
in this circle of love and strength, i lit a candle
"for all the victims of sexual assault, spoken and unspoken"
the women beckoned me back later --
"did you see? did you see?"
my candle
half burned/dripping/short among tall/flames/fire with anguish
in a circle of thirteen, mine
like a sign a scar
stood out pleading crying
whispered no, shouted, "this too shall pass"
phases of the moon/o matriarch/help/peace -- 2003

By: Theadora

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