Sunday, September 21, 2008

the "B" word

No one told me the "B" word, I learned in on my own
No- it isn't bitch, I thought I was alone
Until one day I heard it on the radio
So did my dad from me, on the patio
B-I sex-u-al, the like of both sexes
And soon everyone found out, even all my exes
That I was a bisexual living a double life out there
Not like there were many to care
That at night I dreamed of this one girl
Enough to make my father hurl
But I liked that guy from science too
And my people were a diein few
We grouped together, reached out
And then the names came about
We aren't dikes or fags
Or criminals or hags
We are normal people you see
Happy and normal as can be
So how do you like that Bush?
Stick that in your juice box and suck it.
Like Clinton did to Lewinski

by K. Hill


Danielle said...

Ha. I love it even though I'm straight.

Anonymous said...

dhude you rock!!

Anonymous said...

i love love this poem it totally is good and hehehehe girl yea true dat.....

Anonymous said...

omg i wrote this a loooonggg time ago! thanx for the support lol