Friday, September 19, 2008


My parakeet cage is not big enough
The clock is ticking, but minutes are as long as hours
And I find myself sinking to depths that I am not accustom to
Only the empty shower purifies my senses
And only the lifeless room knows my place
Its been years since I remember feeling this way
Back when walking through the front gate
was like stepping into another life.
(an unhappy one)
I now appreciate those feelings of happiness
Its energy and enthusiasm
They are not so easily found
Introverted and submissive-who the hell am I
I am the memory of an eagle hiding in a parakeet
I am unhappysometimes
Existing in these 4 walls which exist within 4 more
Two ends if a broad spectrum
I can be so comfortable
Yet so isolated
And for the first time, I ask
Do you like me?
Unfortunately, I think not more oft than should
Some must wonder why I ventured this far
I most certainly do
I miss simplicity and complication
Conflict is not the problem I have a taste for that
It is unknowing that will be my undoing
And the cycle at every month

By: Virginia Rehberg

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