Friday, September 19, 2008


Shady reality has left clouded vision shrouded cold and alone
Pools of shimmering mystery, dripping through the ceiling
My fever boils high through the night
***shifting in turmoil
Scants of tomorrows dust burns my eyes
Realism costs a high price
And pages stained white with serenity reveal undertones of hurt
Bloodied by my fathers hands dirtied by the social soil
Touching mystic ideals in time
The moon shines bright in chasms of DARKNESS
Shattering crystalline images
What face does this innocent child wear?
Incessantly crying behind closed eyes
My heart rains for wounds of the past
My arms let go of the ideas of today
What mask to wear, what mask to where?
Take down the lights and plug your ears.

By: Virginia Rehberg

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