Friday, September 19, 2008

Hypocrisy, domestic charm, ZILCH

Hypocrisy, domestic charm, ZILCH
Thats how much I have saved.
Bells ringturning stomachs in disgust
Forever searching, shifting feet, uncomfortable smiles
How do you keep composed?
Framed in glass, YELLING: never heard
Preached to save mehow absolutely absurd!
I cried on my kneesI laughed with the sun
I gave up my life to love
Crabs, fat with the decay of time
Lifted up by clouds unseen
Observers could not tell
Yet, truth is far behind
Tabloid departure, trust is lost
Pennies are cut from copper
Flesh from bone, Ill go it alone
Water melts the last bits of soap
Foaming down the drain, clean and caressed
Soothe my worries and have my soul
Toil with springs, bounce to and fro
Domestic charm lost and dead
Hypocrisy is my middle name
I love what I hate
All the while, hating hate itself
I shall come to an end.

By: Virginia Rehberg

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