Friday, September 19, 2008

'From a potential member of an insane assylum'

I want to kill the fucking tumor
that possesses me.
It eats my brain alive
and nibbles on my soul.

The monster of the dark and gloom:
it laughs a shrilling laugh
each time I suffer
another panicking desire
to die and drown in tears and blood

I walk along a hallway,
behind me is life.
It's over, and I gave my best attempts,
And now I have
Nothing else to give.

Now why, you ask,
Why is it so?
What is the reason?
I don't even know.

Yes, I don't know
And don't you bother asking
I'm just mad and
I need to be put away.
(Perhaps into an insane assylum..?)

By: Alisa Popova

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