Friday, September 19, 2008


Yearling, never fear the change
never suffer, never lose
talk out loud on paper, for now til then
sunder and shake thunder rolls in
I scream: I cry: I laugh: I lie
SHOOT! you prickly prude
Froth hath done no crime
nor death and dishonor
sank down***to the depths of eternity
TALK, TALK, TALK no more/no less
Splash of colorslide of luck
my light=where is your shine
Best friends>>>exchange of lovers
Tick-Tock+++strung along a barbed wire
Shoot me now, or forever hold your PIECE
off the stage, out of sight
clown faces fill the halls
to doom us to another houris to say live
Masked in serenity the heavy hearth
Warm moist dirt falls covering
Cornered eyes float to the surface
sand storms wash away the paint
as you chew the LUMPS my heart is
and yet sunlight graces this face
To shine on=Weebles Wobble

By: Virginia Rehberg

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