Friday, September 19, 2008


Get the edges first.
I want penetration.
Your masculine force:
rough wires rolling over tensed muscle,
you are poised to pry.
I keep up my guard to screen out all those who think they know me.
I hope that one day someone will define me.
I hide in my shell, I am safe. Safe. Safe.
I hurt myself in here, but no one else can match the damage I do inside.
Figure out the puzzle.
Snap me into place.
(Hint: The last piece is hidden under the cushion, in the poodles intestinal tract, in the crisper drawer.)
I want you for the distraction.
Someone elses pieces unfamiliar.
We both know how this works.
Like kids at grammas Christmas party,
We mummur and squint
Curse the lighting, the image, the late hour,
Come on, fit already!

By: Dana Ovsak

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