Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey, Im just writing you to say that your show on the 30th at Bumbershoot was unbelievably amazing.

I knew it had to be spectacular with a name like Fuck Off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry, but yeah. Possibly the best show of Bumbershoot this year.

I was also wondering if, by chance, at some point in the future you would be coming back this way to Seattle. Because if you are I would really really like to know, cause Ive been spreadin' the word and people 'round here definitly want to see your show now. Well, yup. What's needed to be said has been said.


Nick Jones from MySpace

-Sadly Nick I am in the UK for at least a year. Check out www.SaraBynoe.com for all of my upcoming performance dates and locals... as of now there are none. :(


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