Sunday, September 21, 2008

My blackheads

These blackheads on my skin forcing themself deeper
i am a thick tar of unholy thoughts,
my mind is savage and twisted i think of death and destruction,
although my passive side is of a clownish figure
i cant put it any otherway i live to please others.

My blackheads slowly grow and pulsate,
My dark thoughts race,
my mind used to be filled with suicide and hatred,
all i can see now, myself is hurting you,the unsightly scum
who are currently populating this filthy fucking earth.

my body is now smothered in these filthy black spots
school friends are the worst,they make you try to feel like shit
even though many people dont realise.
haha your so fucking hilarious,
i didnt realise what you were till now

the boils of pulsating blackness,
i can no longer breathe without nearly crying
i scream i cry but nothing improves.
my knuckles crack into your skull as i sit there;
happily among the fairys,in this pointless class

Hot white putrid is now pouring all around.
i scream,shout,cry all in one
i cant take no more you stupid sack of shit!
maybe if you opened your eyes you would've seen
all that i've seen
over these past 4 years...

By: William Johns

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