Friday, November 16, 2007

Angel Of The Dark

Angel Of The Dark

Like a feather, she floats away.
There’s no more reason for her to stay.
Flying from the body that lies on the ground,
Where the tears and the blood can be found.

Her body is cold since there’s no blood inside.
All her scars, like the memories, she hides.
She watches as they take her body out.
The things she did that no one knew about.

The black angel flies in the corner as they mourn.
She watches her family, the ones that are torn.
She took her life in her own room, where she always stayed,
Where the music, sad and cold, was always played.

A letter is sent o her friends one state below.
Her pain was something they would never know.
She sees the one who cared the most read his letter.
She floats in the corner and knows, this way, its better.

Everyone will be better off in the end,
Her enemies, her family, her friends.
She disappears into the night.
Now, everything will be alright.

By: Anon.

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Nascent Death said...

Amazing poetry man...keep it up...