Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prelude to a Good Day

Prelude to a Good Day

There is nothing left for me here.
A note smelling of CK 1 and my broken dreams.
Give it up, world. I see you for what you are.
A sham. A poser. A loser. A user.
Like me on one of my better days.

I cry crystal tears that shatter upon the surface of my sorrow
Nothing reaches the depths of my emotions
The torrid waves of lightning torment

That shocks my soul like crack'd electricity
A million watts of sadness upon my
prematurely wrinkled brow
My dry deserted heart.

No one understands. No. One. Understands.
Why??? why?! why!!? why!?!!.;,...
Endless slander of my needs.
What I want. What I can never have.

Slowly you have chipped away at the last
Stronghold of my strength
Turn it off. Turn off the lights.
I can only stand darkness.
Where I may weep alone.

By: Ana Portsusky

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