Sunday, November 18, 2007

Darren, just let me cry!

Note to readers: This poem is based on real life when I had my heart broken by my first love.

Darren, just let me cry!

Ive been told that you miss me
And hey, I miss you too
But when I think about
All that shit you put me through
Im better off without
Your lies and cheating game
Looking back on it all
Boy you should be ashamed

You were evrything that I looked for
I even thought we would last forever
If you would have just told me yourself
Just think, we'd still be together

You said that you loved me
And I said I loved you to
But looking back at that now
It must not have been true
You said you'd never cheat
Then you said you never lied
But when I asked "did you touch her"
You went and denied

Don't get me wrong Im sad we split
I'm getting told to get over it
You were my first love, the one I adored
The one I was living my life for

Maybe its dumb but I still wanna be friends
After all it was you that put us to an end
I thank you for when you were actually there
And when you acted like you cared
I used to think I had it all
But who's there now to break my fall
I haven't a clue what im gonna do
My heart was torn in two

So don't blame me for this broken heart
When you locked lips with her my world fell apart
There's nothing left for you
That you could possibly do
So just let me cry!

I hate myself for not hating you!

By: Kristy

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