Friday, November 16, 2007


Hi! I'm not submitting anything (although I have tons of "angsty" poetry that if I wasn't so embarrassed by it, I would love to share), but I would just like to compliment you on your site. It is an awesome idea and you did a really good job on it. I also want to express my gratitude because your site helped me immensely while working on a graphic desing project. We're doing sort of a typographic project using a "recipe" or "how to" of some form, and I did mine on "How to write Bad Poetry", because, let's face it, there might as well be a recipe for it. However, my studio instructor completely missed the point that it wasn't a serious examination of good vs. bad poetry and she suggested that I research "good" poetry to contrast it to my explanation of "bad" poetry. This frustrated me because if she'd actually read my piece then she maybe would have realized what I was shooting for. Nonetheless, I set out to research the teen angst poetry genre that I was trying to
mimic. Which brings me to your site. It was an absolutely perfect example of the type of poetry I was trying to explain, and provided the tangible evidence I needed to prove my point. Hopefully I will be able to make her understand what I am trying to do so I can salvage the concept of my project. So I just wanted to thank you for your site, even if I hadn't been on a mission to find some sort of defintion of teen angst poetry, I would still enjoy your site and was rather excited to find something of that nature on the Internet, because back in the day, I too thought my poems were brilliant and profound. Keep up the good work, and good luck with the site and future book plans!

Kelly Leaman
(Iowa State University)

sent in 2004

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