Friday, November 16, 2007


To love is to cry
To want is to die
Words take their course
Leave your voice hoarse

To feel is to want
To flirt is to flaunt
Simple smiles and sighs
Happiness in your eyes

Starving, Crying, Laughing, Frown
This is how it starts to fall down

To hurt is to care
To hurt someone, no soul is there
intentional or not
you'll hurt in that spot

Hating,Swearing, Wishing, Alive
Leaving yuor heart without any drive

To move on is to accept
To hold on is to be kept
All the feelings inside
Never let yourself cry

Loveing,Smiling, Falling, Away
Real love is real when you stay

To hope is to be true
To care is to love you
Be strong and survive
Youll feel it all inside

To stop is to think
To analyze is to sink
All sadness has hope
All lovers will cope

By: Valerie Mandru

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