Friday, November 16, 2007

Blurred Memories

Blurred Memories

He had it all and he threw it all away.
He said he needed her, she promised to stay.
He took her heart and sliced through it with a knife.
So, in return, she’ll do the same to her wrists tonight.

Now he says he’s sorry and he made a mistake,
But going back to what they had is a chance he doesn’t want to take.
So, once again, she pulls the knife from under her bed,
And watches herself bleed as she thinks about what he has said.

Why couldn’t the car have crashed on the way home that night?
Why couldn’t she have just died so that everything could have been right?
Isn’t that what he wants, the girl out of his life?
Her death with a bullet, a rope, a toxin, or the knife…

She’s too lost to even complete a thought.
Insanity is the only thing that the break-up brought.
The light bounces off the knife… into her eyes… reflecting.
The death of this girl wasn’t the one they were expecting.

The death of the girl who was already dead inside.
The one who had nothing left to do but die.
The girl who thought she could finally be cured.
Who’s memories of happiness have been permanently blurred.

By: Anon.

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