Sunday, November 18, 2007

Several Poems From V. Robertson

Hello, I heard you on the cbc. Fantastic. I new that my suffering and
torment would amount to something someday. I would like to donate two
little jems I wrote around the age of 17/18. I am now 25, working at a bank
(never ever thought that would happen) and fairly successful in life (or
that), though still fairly tormented (saw that coming). It's interesting
and funny for me to reminice about how I felt and thought in the dark days
of my youth, I hope your readers feel the same. Laugh, roll your eyes,
sympithize, it's all the same to me (hey that rhymed). So, here are my
insightful and over-dramatic masterpeices. Thanks for the platform! V
Robertson, London ON.

If only I could be respected by
Mormality without assimilated my
self into their collective
To make them more receptive
If they can love a chimpanzee
Why can't they love me
Is a chimpanzee more
Noble, reliable, responsible
Than good old useless fat ugly me?
Am I less like them than a chimpanzee?

Simple Spirit Splints
Nobody wants to hear about my lonliness
Because my pain is surely just selfishness
Nobody gets my developed world geiving
Meleiveme if I had a ride I'd be leaving

I'd pick up my little life and go
Where problems are simple
And you don't live long enough
to get attached to people

Depression is an enlightened state of mind
And getting over is dumbing down I find

To live long among those who have a happy life
those killing themself with concealed strife

I'd pack up my little life and go
Where livestock out number addicts
And you don't get so lazy that
You love TV the sameway
you love family


I'll find a home or a medication
for this hopeless feeling
There has to be some sort of solution
for a soul that needs feeding.

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