Friday, November 16, 2007

The Bitter End

The Bitter End

I hate to say, "I told you so,"
But I was right all along.
You've seen the reaons I disagreed,
When you told me I was wrong.

I pushed you down, made you fall.
I wasn't everything you hoped for.
Just like the dream where you were hanging,
I kissed you, and then the rope tore.

Everything is always my fault,
There's proof in that everyday.
I wish I knew what it was,
That makes me this way.

Nothing can take the pain I've put you in, away.
Nothing can make the rain you've drowning in dry.
No one can stop the hurricane that I put you in.
Nothing can dry the tears I made you cry.

I promised to do my best.
I promised I'd try.
But now I've broken all those things.
There's nothing to do but die...

That would be the best thing for you.
That would make you smile.
So I'll try my best to bleed to death.
Because I am so vile.

By: Anon.

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