Monday, November 19, 2007

Memoir of an Ex-High-School Poet

Note: This is a teen angst inspired poem

Memoir of an Ex-High-School Poet

I thought I was psychic, for starters, which meant
There were Shadows! and Omens! wherever I went
and I was the Outcast! alone all those years.
In the Silvery Moonlight I shed Crystal Tears.

So I wrote about Silence. And echoes, and blood
I rhymed isolation! and torrents! and floods!
I had Ancient Eyes, at the time, and could see
what no one else saw! and They never saw me.

I kept secret Mysteries, dark and profound;
My Mirrors all Shattered! like dreams on the ground.
I danced with Insanity, danced in the dust
while Memory's Treasures dissolved into rust.

By Now I can recall being burned by those fires
of my own invention, and being inspired
by every cliche in that journal I kept;
But the last time I read it, I laughed 'til I wept.

I guess that in college I made a new start--
when I gave up clairvoyance, in favor of art.

By: Tracie Thompson

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