Friday, November 16, 2007


Best Friend

If I could take your mind,

And wring out every thought of her sweet personality

I would.

If I moved my world

Just to make you smile

Would you?

If I could take your eyes,

And scratch out her perfect face from view

I would.

If I changed myself to be like her

Just to make you love me

Would you?

If I could slice off the piece of your heart

With her name on it

I would

If I severed her hair, and twisted her face

Just to stop you loving her

Would you?

If I only knew how

To make you love me

I would

If I told you I loved you

Hoping you would just like me

Could you?

If changing my life, and I things I do

Could make you love me,

I would

But it wouldn’t

Because you couldn’t

I’ve tried

Best Friends.... isn't enough

By: Scarlet Open

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