Friday, November 16, 2007

"Apathetic Greed"

"Apathetic Greed"

So many feelings I just can’t express
Lost, alone, scared, discarded, hurt…
So much more
So much worse

No one cares
No one ever knows
They walk around blind
And don’t see all my pain

How can they be so happy?
What is so good about their life?
Is it the fact that they are together?
The fact that they have someone to share their life with?

Is it the fact that they don’t go through this?
The fact that they don’t even know…
They don’t understand
They never will

It seems that they smile way too much
They never have a frown to show
They never feel this pain I do
They don’t have to live with this pain inside…

No one understands what I am going through
I don’t even understand…
How could anyone else?
No one even cares

Even if they knew
Even if they understood
They’d still treat me like shit
And throw me away to be alone

It doesn’t matter to them
Because I am nothing
I never was and I never will be
I can’t mean anything to anyone

No one will ever understand
Never care to do so
Wrap me around your fucking needs
Don’t understand what I need to breathe

Don’t ask
Don’t care
Don’t notice
Don’t need

I’ll leave this place today
No one will notice
I’ll just disappear
And no one will realize it ‘til they need more…

By: Jeremy Duley

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