Monday, November 19, 2007


I have found another angst poem from my teenage years (age 17, to be exact) that I would like to send to your site. It was about an old teacher; my classmates and I really disliked her because she kept screaming at us and giving us loads of difficult homework. The poem was a spoof of "Helen" by H.D.

"Ms. ______"
A parody of the poem "Helen" by H.D.

All English hates
The mean eyes in the shit face
The dullness as of olives
Where she stands
And the clawed hands.

All English reviles
The way she never smiles,
Hating her deeper still
When she roars cruel remarks,
Remembering hard assignments
And past ills.

English sees, unmoved,
Satan's daughter, born of hate,
The ugliness of fat feet
And bulgy knees,
Could love indeed the hag
Only if she were stuffed in a bag
And buried six feet beneath funeral cypresses.

By: Heather Radsnake

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