Friday, November 16, 2007

Crimson Pain

Crimson Pain

I'm lying in the nightmare I created for myself.
The decisions I made led to all this pain.
The sind is roaring, the lightning striking,
This cold hard bitter rain.

Let the one that I love watch me bleed,
Crimson pain pouring from my veins.
The call of the thunder covers the sounds of my screams,
From the mental and physical pain.

Since the one who is suffering is not at fault,
For the cards of pain that he has been dealt,
I'll take this knife and watch the blood,
As I let it all out on myself.

I seem to fuck up everyone's lives,
Never making the ones I love smile.
The girl that brought hapiness to her friends,
Has suddently become so vile.

Ripping my hair from my scalp,
Crying in pure insanity,
Drowning in the puddle of my own tears and blood.
This is what life has brought to me.

Crying, bleedind, slowly dying,
All because of what I've done to you.
Close my eyes but don't go to sleep,
Hope the sunrise brings something new.

By: Anon.

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