Friday, November 16, 2007

Death From Cards

Death From Cards.

Tears are leaking from my eyes
You really don’t have a clue
Here I am crying hard
Standing naked, in front of you.

Laughing when I’m breaking
I throw a tantrum, a fit
Yet I think you think you know
And you’re right…every bit.

Putting in lines of hahaha
You think I’m laughing hard
But the residue of my salt leaked soul
It’s destroyed by get well cards

Your touch will burn my very self
Your eyes can break me too
And to think that I was fool enough
To believe the sky was blue.

My days are spent under cloudy skies
The shadows cut and bruise
And when I reach out for your guide
Your winning hand, I lose.


Lil summary:

It's a poem from long ago, about a guy i'd fallen for. in the game of life, i sometimes find it feels like playing a game of poker - strip poker even. and i keep losing. and he assumes he knows my every move, and he's right. and though he breaks me enough that i feel i need to be hospitalized, i can't enjoy this depression since others keep worrying about me. they don't realize that i could heal easily, from a touch, or a smile from the one i loved - yet when i reach for his hand, he gives me a full house. and i lose...not only in the game of poker but in the game of life.

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