Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Win, You Lose

When I was 13, I was introduced to the internet. And, omg! Instant
messaging. Around 14, I really got wrapped up into the whole "online
relationship" stuff. For some reason, I really had this thing for this guy
named Brett. He was older than me, in college. He was kind of a friend of
mine, but like I said, I was 14, and clueless. We "dated" for a week and he
broke up with me. This is what I wrote after that. The room I refer to is a
chat room. Brett then became my "could never just leave it alone" guy. We
"went out" and "broke up" 2 more times after that, within a year. I still
talk to him. I'm not hung up on him anymore, though. Not since I was 15. At
16 1/2 I started dating my current (real) boyfriend. So, you can see I got
over that stage. I'm 19 now, and Brett is just a friend. But, I owe him for
the inspiration for one of my favorite poems: I Win, You Lose.

I Win, You Lose

The anger inside pours over and out my ears
It chases you down the street
You run screaming for your life
But now all the girls in the room see you coming
Never again
A giant ax swings at your head while you’re not looking
What a shame, now you have no head
But you keep running
Stupid fool!
Can’t you see?
There is no escape from my wrath!
It will hunt you down like the dog you are!
Die you mutant piece of crap!
I gave you my heart!
Now give it back you ass!
You don't deserve my love!
You don't deserve the time I gave you!
You don't deserve me!
You speak as though you’re sorry
How can I believe you now?
I’ve been lied to too much
This is it...
I’m done and through
Screw you!

By: Megan D.

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